About Us

The Net Youth Engagement Program is a youth-led, agency-supported program that aims to help young people (aged 13-18) connect, learn, and be engaged in their community in a safe and supported space. It is a program at Ancaster Community Services (ACS). ACS is a grassroots, volunteer-supported, registered charity with services and programs serving Ancaster residents since September 1969. To learn more about ACS and its services, click here.


The Net provides an opportunity for youth to be stakeholders in their community and personal development through leadership training, employment, educational and mental health workshops, presentations, volunteering and more. We provide year-round support and opportunities to youth 13 – 18 in Ancaster and surrounding rural areas (i.e. Jerseyville, Copetown, Lynden, Alberton).

Our Goal

At The Net, we recognize the importance of empowering youth and providing a space that allows them to connect, develop skills, and respond to the Ancaster community’s needs through volunteer engagement.

We aim to provide accessible services and resources that provide equal opportunities for youth. The Net also seeks to arrange central community spaces for youth in Ancaster to address their needs, ask questions, and seek guidance.

The Net Team

At the heart of the program is a youth advisory group referred to as The Net Youth Engagement Team. This group is responsible for overseeing the program’s development and direction in conjunction with the Coordinator.


Members of The Net Youth Team are recruited each summer and the term runs from September – June.

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Activities hosted by The Net include (but are not limited to) the following:

Special Events: We have hosted events such as a coffeehouse to showcase local youth talents, trivia nights, outdoor game nights etc.

Volunteer Opportunities: We provide youth opportunities to give back to the community, such as community clean-ups, sun care packages, assembling holiday gift bags for seniors etc. 

Virtual Homeroom: We offer sessions where youth have the opportunity to create a safe virtual study space to catch up on reading, questions, and studies.

Youth Wellness and Mental Health Support: We have brought in leading experts and agencies to discuss youth topics and concerns. 

Financial Literacy: Providing workshops/sessions to ensure youth have opportunities to learn sound money management principles. Understanding how to build a budget, plan for their future, open and manage a bank account are skills that youth need to acquire. 

Post-Secondary Preparation: We provide one-on-one and group support for youth who have questions regarding post-secondary studies. This includes workshops such as ‘Post Secondary Options and Careers’ and inviting current university and college students to speak with youth about the different fields of study and career options.

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