Careers in Trade 101

With an industry that continues to grow and an increase in retiring journeymen, the skilled trades are a great option for individuals who are looking for unique opportunities for hands-on learning and a vibrant career.

The skilled trades are divided up into four categories:
1) Construction
2) Manufacturing
3) Transportation
4) Service

Construction consists of various trades such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc.

Manufacturing consists of trades such as millwrights, mobile robotics, tool & die maker, machinists etc.

Transportation consists of trades such as automotive technicians, heavy equipment operators, agricultural equipment technicians etc.

Service consists of trades such as landscape horticulturists, chefs, hair stylists etc.

Join us on March 27th at 3pm to learn about careers in the trades including schooling, job opportunities, and salary expectations. Our special guests include representatives from Mohawk College’s Skilled Trades Campus who will provide an in-depth overview of how to be apply, apprenticeships, grants available to pay for school and what to expect after graduation.

Contact us or call 905-648-6675 to register for the event.