The Best Present of All

By: Ella Pierazzo

I have been a part of The Net youth group since September of 2020. Throughout this time, I have been able to participate in fun opportunities, learn valuable skills, and meet new people! More importantly, I have been able to volunteer my time to help others throughout the community.  

In my opinion, the month of December is all about giving and spreading joy to others. Many people tend to get caught up in the fun of buying and receiving presents during the holiday season.

Although material items are always great, I think one of the most rewarding presents I have gotten this year has been the opportunity to volunteer my time and engage within the community.  

At The Net, we have hosted and created many different events, especially during the holiday season, when there are always things that can be done. From sledding to creating care packages, there are several different ways to get involved. 

Some of my most memorable volunteer experiences have been pumpkin carving and creative crafting. The creative crafting session is an example of how I was able to have fun while volunteering my time. During this event we got to paint and decorate bird houses which were then donated to people within the community. There are many more unique volunteer opportunities with The Net, just like this one. For example, in the month of December, we are participating in Santa to a Senior. During this event, over 100 bags will be made and dropped off to local seniors. This continues to spread holiday joy and let people know that they are being thought of this season.  

Overall, my time with The Net has been both enjoyable and rewarding and I highly suggest taking part in the various volunteer opportunities. Whether it be visiting seniors in Ancaster or showing your support at our holiday coffee house, there are many ways to get involved this winter!