The Next Chapter

By: Valerie Barlow

My journey with Ancaster Community Services all started when I was around 8 years old and what a journey it’s been. At the time my mom, Melanie, worked for ACS so I would visit all the time. I remember going with her to deliver meals to seniors for one of their very few programs at the time, Meals on Wheels. Ever since then, I gained a passion for ACS and volunteering.

Now, around 12 years later, I am still an active volunteer with ACS. It has been amazing to watch their growth as an organization. I have volunteered hundreds of hours with events such as, Ancaster Easterfest, Ancaster Heritage days, Christmas Assistance Program, Ride for Refuge, as well as volunteering in the food bank.

Another passion I have is working with children and youth. I am currently a university student at Laurier, majoring in Youth and Children’s Studies. When the opportunity transpired to have a placement, I couldn’t think of a better organization to do my placement with then The Net youth team. Back in 2019, I volunteered at the first launch party for The Net. To see what it was back then and what it has become now is truly incredible. I’m excited to be a part of supporting local youth programs and helping them grow. So…let the next chapter of my journey at Ancaster Community Services and with The Net team begin!